The Werewolf of Waikiki - Paper Giclee

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16" x 20" Paper Giclee

Open Edition, COA included 

 "Originally 'The Werewolf of Waikiki' was painted to be in a series of four famous movie monsters, ( Dracula, Frankenstein, the creature, and the wolf-man ) each one portrayed on vacation in Hawaii. The monsters were revealed to the public at large group-show about "Kitsch Art" at La Luz de Jesus Gallery. La Luz is the world-famous birthplace of a hyper-cartoon art movement known as "Low-Brow" or "Conceptual Realism". The monster paintings all sold opening night, and went on to become a set of the most absurdly unlikely Post-Cards from Hawaii ever seen. What started as an under-ground performance-art project, turned into very popular selling souvenir items. "The Werewolf of Waikiki" was also reproduced as a cover of a faux vintage comic book called "Tales from the Tiki Lounge" printed was a collectible cover of a 16-page pull-out booklet of Brad Parker's low-brow art in a special issue of "KUSTOM" magazine in France." - Brad Parker

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