The Sea Creature Tiki Mug

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This is a big mug. 
I always thought of it more like a Beer Stein than a mug.
The Sea Creature is 8 1/2 inches tall X 3” wide.
Though, it’s scaled body varies from 3” to 3 1/2 inches wide.
About 12 or 18oz I believe. 
Funny you should mention “Beer Stein”!
The Sea Creature is made of ’Stone Ware’
Making it heavier and more durable than a ceramic mu. 
“The Creature” is a rare mug I designed. It's in pristine condition and autographed by the artist (me) mug on the bottom.
Why does it look like a fish-monster?  
In 2013 a friend made short film. The film’s a “mock-umentary” that follows a surf team searching for the perfect wave. A suspicious map leads them to an uninhabited island in Indonesia. There, slow motion surfing & music happens. Then, in “Blair Witch” fashion, a Sea Creature starts picking the surfers off one by one till the last surfer is running for his life - and this film is the ‘found footage’. 
The film, titled “The Disappearance”, went on to play at nearly every surf film festival and won every where it went. 
My film making friend asked me to paint his Sea Creature. I loved the film, thus I painted his Creature. (prints available @ 
About the same time, a surf brand asked me to design them Tiki Mugs. I joined the brand, and the surf film with Tiki Farm. BINGO. We created 3 tiki mugs with the Creature Mug the biggest of the set. 
It was a spectacular set that sold well. Authentic sea ‘Creature’ tiki mugs have been out of circulation for years..
Shipping to U.S - $25 | Canada - $60 | Europe/Australia- $110