“SON of KAAN” - the ‘MASTER EDITION’ + ORIGINAL ART $2 Tuesday Shipping! ONE OF A KIND!

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    "One “SON of KAAN” tiki-mug was chosen and completely repainted into a single & unique work of art. ‘Painted sculpture’ as a media of art has always been a special interest of mine. Back in 1980 as a freshman I roomed with a grad student who was mastering in it @ Otis Parson’s School of Design in Los Angeles. Course, actually I believe my interest started much earlier when, as a splattered child, I ‘lived’ to build & paint models; WW1 planes & monster models hung from my ceiling & crowded my room’s flat spaces. Many battles against books for precious shelves space were waged. Aurora’s Dracula fought against Bram Stoker’s Dracula on the coveted middle shelve near my pillow. 


    The painted sculpture is started by covering it with a light neutral ‘base-coat’, then I worked up through the darkest depths of the creature, plant, & tiki forms. I roughed out the shapes of everything with medium tones, then carefully brought up dimensions pretending I was the sun and hitting all areas with such a contrived light-source. This is, as I noted in all the paintings of my favorite LowBrow artists, the light source is always located some where above and to the upper left of the figure as the viewer looks face-on to each piece. 

    So, I basically use the same technique I learned as a kid painting monster models. I start with the darkest shades and paint up through all the tones lightening as I go, until I’m dabbling in the lightest tones, the brilliant highlights.  

    If I is do this carefully & correctly I can create a wonderful ‘quasi-3D’ effect upon this… eh… this 3 dimensional object. (!) 

    OKAY, now the big-bingo question… What, exactly, is this “SON of KAAN” creature/tiki/jungle thing supposed to be? 

    It’s yet another exploration of me searching for the what “it” is that attracts me to the “Tiki Pop Culture”. I know it’s far from any realism that some injection molded figures existing in a museum gift shop may* (…and I do mean MAY*) have… if they have any. 

    This is my on-going artistic journey to grasp what magic these ‘idols’ still appear to have - at least they do for any human who currently looks upon them with fascination.

    Because, it appears that no matter how far away a second-hand “Junk shop” may be from the tiki’s Polynesian home (I mean spiritual home not the factory that mass produced it) far from their spiritual black & green volcanic soil, these figurines can still seemingly stand in if needed to become a miniature KING KAMEHAMEHA & lead a Tribe of Misfit Souvenirs through a million KAPU to safety