Handpainted BAT GUARDIAN - Camazotz! Tiki Mug - Red/Turquoise (Only 2 available)

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Only 2 available. Signed by artist 
Comes in a custom wooden crate. 

Capacity/Size - Extra Large 22 fluid oz / 7.5” tall X 3" wide. 
Color - Bone with handpainted accents - Red/Turquoise

The Third Meso-American designed Tiki Mug (#3)

Continuing their artistic study into Meso-American culture & mythology Jacob Arthur Medina & Brad “Tiki-Shark” Parker bring to you their third creation – Bat Guardian Camazotz – Tiki Mug

Camazotz translates into “death bat” in the K’iche language. "Camazotz" is formed by the words kame (which means death) and sotz (which means bat.) Final touches being made, but Mug #3 of the Kaan Took and the Jaguar Warrior series is officially in production!  So... make space for one more Mug on your shelf next to your other "Mayan • Hawaiian" Tiki Mugs!  This one is a beauty and a “must have!!”

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