Bela Lugosi Has a Zombie - Paper Giclee

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    16" x 20" Paper Giclee

    Open Edition, COA included 

    Artist's Notes: I'm a big fan of the actor, Béla Lugosi.

    Béla Lugosi became world famous in the 1930's with his role of Dracula on stage and film.

    However, in 1932 he starred in an American pre-code horror film: "White Zombie" that was even better. 

    In "White Zombie" Béla Lugosi stars as "Murder Legendre" Voo-Doo master who rules a tropical island with his legion of zombies.

    Almost a century later, Bela Lugosi's supremely dark charisma reaches out from this black & white film and mesmerizes you with eyes behind heavy, silent-film style make-up, with wickedly arched eyebrows. 

    "White Zombie" features imaginative visual story-telling techniques. The first zombie film ever made. The first film to portray non-stereotyped black characters. A milestone horror film-making that influences horror films right up to today. 

    A ZOMBIE is an animated dead-man. 

    But, it's also a popular tropical drink. 

    This painting explores Béla Lugosi as a Tiki-Bar proprietor who is the Master of (both kinds) of ZOMBIES.

    This is the only painting I did that I was told "its eyes follow you around the room" - and a guest could not sleep in the same room as the original.